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Production Options & Upgrades

A Menu of Services to Choose From

When you need a video that is longer than a minute, or that has some additional features, or involves on-camera talent, photos, or production work beyond the scope of our monthly plans, you’ll want to know how we price those “extras.”

Please note that the rates below are our a-la-cart rates for services booked separately or as part of a larger video production.

Our monthly plans and flat-rate prices for customized projects reflect a substantial discount from the a-la-cart prices on this page.

Our focus is on creating the videos that will keep people on your website and effectively tell your story! But the basic video is just scratching the surface of what we can do. For example, we can place linked buttons at the top of your video that will give visitors an immediate opportunity to visit a specific web page, buy a product, or subscribe to your email list.

We can also create ad overlays like you see on YouTube videos. The possibilities are almost unlimited and the services on this page can be used separately or combined with one another.

All audio and video productions require a Production Agreement and a 50% deposit before production can begin, or must be part of a monthly payment plan. We use PayPal as our payment portal for all clients. You may use your PayPal account, or you may use a credit/debit card through PayPal.

What follows is pretty much an a-la-cart menu where you can select those aspects of video production and marketing that will benefit you the most. For most larger productions, the options that we deem critical to your production will be included in our flat-rate quote, and our production supervisor will be in touch with you throughout the production process.

If you have any questions or need assistance in deciding what might work best for your business, please give us a call at 858.324.4121 M-F, between 10am and 5pm Pacific Time.

Web Video Add-ons


A variety of optional effects can be added to any video to add additional content to the message or to provide additional information that can keep the viewer watching. Basic text “supers” are included with all video production. 

The following add-ons require special set-ups and some require additional software in order to be added to your video.

  • Pre-roll Video Ad$20/month to add this option ($240 billed annually with automatic renewal until cancelled). Fee does not include video production or ad placement. Requires our special video player be installed on your website (WordPress sites only).

A pre-roll video ad is a pre-produced commercial that runs before your regular web video. You’ll see this a lot on Youtube. This is a way to monetize your web video by selling an advertisement to appear before your video plays. If you have a franchise store, there may be corporate co-op funds available for digital marketing that will allow you to generate additional revenue on your website. Or, you might want to feature a special sale or product prior to your customized animation video playing. We act as your agency to handle the media placement and video acquisition. Or if you do seasonal or monthly promotions, we can even handle the production and update the pre-roll video ad as often as you like. 

A pre-roll video ad can be a great way to generate some additional income for your website or serve as an effective way to generate additional awareness of your business and promotions. Pre-roll video ads can be set so that the viewer can pause the pre-roll video, skip the video, or be forced to watch the entire pre-roll video.

  • Video Text Overlay – $10/month to add this option ($120 billed annually with automatic renewal until cancelled). A one-time additional $50 fee will apply for each update or revision. Requires our special video player be installed on your website (WordPress sites only).

A video text overlay is a transparent text box that appears at a specific time while your video is playing and remains visible for a short period of time. The text can be anything you like: a special product offer, a call to action, your contact information, or anything else. This can be a great way to do monthly promotional announcements over your video. The video text overlay box can be closed by the viewer so as to not interfere with your video.

Lower-third text supers are included with all video production. A lower-third super is text that is embedded in the video and cannot be closed by the viewer. Typically a person’s name is a lower-third super.

  • Video Shopping Cart – $10/month to add this option ($120 billed annually with automatic renewal until cancelled).  $50 one-time fee per product to add to video shopping cart. Requires our special video player be installed on your website (WordPress sites only). Up to four linked buttons can be added to your video.

A Video Shopping Cart is a series of images with links that appears on your video. Visitors can click on an item while your video plays to open a pop-up to get more information or purchase. The video is paused when an information screen is visible. The product purchase link in your video shopping cart would go directly to your product details or to your website shopping cart.

  • Video in Email – $25 one-time fee for this option. Unlimited use. (Only available with production of a customized animated video or other video production).

Normally, it is not possible to include video in an email. But we’ve got a way to do it! What we do is create a short file with up to :18 of your customized video that is in a format you can easily include in your email signature or anywhere in an email. Your email video plays as a continuous loop with no audio and is linked to your webpage. When you put a video in your email, you tremendously increase the click-through rate of recipients who will visit your website. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to do this… we can help there too.

Production Services

Music33Production services fall into three areas:  1) audio, 2) video and 3) post-production.

When you hire Cigma Media to produce a complete project, most production services will be included as part of the all-inclusive price we give you for the production.

However, there will be times when a production element needs to be added, additional services might be required, or you might want to go “a-la cart” with your production.

In order to give you a basic idea of what goes into producing a video, we’ve include a breakdown of the various production elements and our “a-la-cart” rates.


  • Audio/Video Production/Post-production/Editing – $150/hour (One hour minimum, pro-rated by 1/4 hour after first hour. Studio time only, includes engineer/director.) All necessary audio production is included in our annual plans.

We’ve been producing award-winning audio and video for more than 4 decades and have a ton of awards to show for it (including 11 Emmy’s, Communicator, Omni Intermedia, and Silver Mic awards).

Our audio services include: recording voiceover, talent directing, music editing/scoring, sound design for film and video, audio clean-up, music/sfx search, and sweetening for film and video. Audio services are included as part of our basic productions and complete video production packages. However, we do work on an hourly basis for audio-only projects like radio commercials, in-store advertising, media transfers, etc. Talent fees are always additional.

Video services include production and post-production editing, green screen shoot, and location shoot. Please call us with your specific video needs.

  • Copy Writing – $200 per script up to :60. Longer scripts on a per-project basis.

Writing great advertising copy is an art and takes time. We’ll put your message into a script that will tell your story effectively and in a way that motivates your customers to take action. Scripts longer than :90 can take a full day or longer to write. Copy writing is included in all annual plans.

  • Voiceover – For productions of :90 and longer – $200 for the first :90 and $75 for each additional :30 (up to 3 minutes) (Voice actor talent fee only.) Please call for scripts longer than 3 minutes. Voiceover talent fee is included in all annual plans.

The right voice can make all the difference when it comes to sharing your message. And we have access to the right voice for your production. If you think that you can tell your story best… just because you are the business owner… you might want to re-think that. You are in the business of running your business – not acting. For most advertising, it will be far more effective to hire a professional voice actor.

Don’t forget… you only have one chance to make a great first impression! You’ll be better off hiring a professional to tell your story. For scripts longer than one-minute, please call us. The voiceover talent fee is included in most of our basic productions and in our complete video production packages. Talent fee includes up to 3 pick-ups.

  • Talent Casting – $497 flat rate

Our basic, no-fee, casting service is included with most of our complete video production packages. With basic casting, we select the voice for the production we’re working on, and in many cases, this might be the voice actor who referred you. But occasionally, our clients want to choose the voice for their project. That’s where our full casting service comes in. We have access to a huge variety of voiceover talent in addition to those on the Actors page of this site.

Once we have a script, we’ll put it out for audition submissions, select the voice talent most suitable for your project, direct the talent (if necessary), and complete the production. A separate casting fee will only be added to your production if you want to be personally involved in selecting the voice talent from our auditions. Please note that we do not function as a talent agency, we do not represent or promote any voiceover talent, and we do not take a commission on any talent fees paid to our voice actors. Talent casting does not include voiceover talent fee(s).

  • Music licensing – varies according to production (minimum $200)

The music used in your production needs to be licensed or cleared at the source in order to avoid copyright issues.  There are basically two ways to go when it comes to music: 1) use a music library or 2) hire a composer to create original music. In order to keep your costs low, we generally prefer to use library music, but we do know several composers if you have the budget for original music.

You may have heard the term “royalty free music.” Royalty free only means there are no recurring fees for continued use – it does not mean “free.” We have access to dozens of music libraries – both licensed and “royalty-free”, and we have the expertise to select the right music to underscore your message.

Music licensing for a single track is included for most of our video productions. Actual licensing costs will vary depending on the music library, the number of tracks used in your project, and in some cases the type of use (i.e. broadcast or Internet). For productions requiring multiple music tracks (like marketing videos longer than a minute), the music license fee will be included in our all-inclusive price for your project.


  • Producing/Directing – $1,000 day rate (minimum)

Producing and directing is included with all basic productions and in our complete video production packages. However, on occasion we will be asked to produce or direct a project that we are not shooting or editing. If you have any questions about our producing and directing services, please call.

  • Location Shoot – $197 per hour (minimum 4 hours). Includes 1 camera operator, 1 HD camera, wireless lavaliere microphones, and basic 3-point lighting. Additional crew are TBA (i.e. audio, lighting grip, jib, prompter, continuity, etc.) and may be at a higher or lower hourly rate or at a day rate.

We can shoot on-site video at your store location for products, store branding, and customer testimonials. A location shoot is not included as part of any basic production or annual plan and may require special permits. If you are considering having us shoot video on location, please call.

  • Green Screen (studio shoot) – $150/hour (one hour minimum)

A green screen shoot allows us to replace the background image with anything we want. For example; if we have you on-camera telling part of your story, we can put a picture or video of your store in the background. Green screen shoots are done at our studio where we have control of lighting and sound.

  • Post-production Editing – $150/hour (one hour minimum, pro-rated by 1/4 hour after first hour) (All necessary editing is included with our annual plans.)

Editing is the process of assembling the audio and video elements of a project to arrive at a finished video. There are many aspects to post-production editing that can sometimes result in this aspect of production taking several days.

We always include editing in every production estimate and we’ve already factored it in to our basic productions. Our hourly editing rate will rarely be a factor for most projects. However, if additional work is required after the initial final production has been approved, an hourly rate may be more cost-effective than a production package rate.


licensedNon-broadcast: Cigma Media specializes in videos that are intended for Internet Marketing. As such, your project will be licensed for unlimited use on your website and other non-broadcast uses. In addition to your website, your video can be used in your store, as a video kiosk at a trade show, for marketing presentations, and you can even post it to your Youtube channel. The one thing you cannot do is use your production as a commercial to be broadcast on television or radio. Broadcast TV/Cable and Radio: Broadcast radio and television have completely different requirements for commercial advertising. We have more than 25 years of experience with television and radio production, so we can certainly help if you are interested in broadcast or cable advertising. We can even assist with the media buy to make sure your commercial will reach the maximum number of viewers or listeners. If you’d like to hear some of the radio commercials we’ve produced, please the Audio Library menu tab at www.VoiceActingStudios.com.

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All rates on this page are subject to change without notice and do not reflect any discounts or adjustments that may be applied to a flat-rate project or annual plan production.