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So… How much does a voiceover cost?

I hear that question a lot! And it’s a difficult question to answer. Let’s put it another way… “How much does your doctor or dentist cost?”

When you choose your doctor or dentist, you have certain expectations: you expect them to be properly trained and qualified in their specialty; you expect them to have the experience to take care of your health and quickly diagnose problems as they arise; you expect them to be knowledgeable of the many variables that may be encountered; and you expect to have confidence in their decisions and guidance. But the cost of their services is rarely at the top of your list. Most of the time it’s not even on your list.

The thing that matters most, though, is this: Does your Doctor or Dentist make you feel good about working with them?

Voiceover is a lot like that!

Every voiceover session is different… There are many different ways to tell your story… and many variables along the way. It’s my goal to deliver the voiceover for your project to perfectly meet your needs. The bottom line is that I want you to be comfortable working with me, and realize that the additional value I bring to your project is worth much more than the cost of the session.

So… How Much?

I realize that sometimes your budget may not be a perfect fit with my rates. If that happens, please call me at 858.484.0220 so we can discuss your project in detail. When I fully understand the scope of your project, I’ll be in a much better positon to provide you with an accurate estimat.

I am a non-union voice actor, but I do have agent representation. If you are booking through this website, you will be working directly with me, so things can be kept simple. If you are booking me through one of my agents, you’ll be working through them throughout the production process, but you will have access to me at any time.

For a good reference of basic non-union voiceover talent fees, take a look at the Global Voice Acting Academy Rate Card. This online rate guide should be considered as a reference only and does not reflect actual booked talent fees.

Some Things to Keep in Mind…

Voiceover talent fees are based on a variety of factors:

  • The type of medium (radio, television, internet, streaming, live performance),
  • Market size (local, regional, national, international),
  • Length and type of use of the audio.
  • Duration of use (short-term, long-term)
  • Rates can be calculated per project, by length or by word count.

Unless noted otherwise, all sessions with James Alburger include the following:

  • Script review/preparation
  • Talent fee (or session fee) for James Alburger as voice talent
  • First Hour of Studio time (additional studio time after first hour booked at $125/hour). Block sessions are available that include all studio time and talent fees.)
  • Video or phone patch for client directing and monitoring
  • Free retakes (from original script) – note: retakes requested after original session approval and that are the result of script changes constitute a new session.
  • Editing for best takes – note: editing to separate files will be billed at $2 per file.
  • Rendering
  • Upload delivery to client via internet

All voiceover and production sessions are booked under a standard performance contract upon agreement of negotiated booking fees, terms and conditions.

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