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Affordable Video Production

CIGMA MEDIA… Putting the Magic of Media to work for you!


You’ve probably already realized that you need to be using video to market your business. Video gets better results, faster than just about anything else!

If you’ve looked around at all, you know that audio and video production can be very expensive. You may have even considered editing your own videos or trying to “fix” audio on your own, only to discover that the process is extremely time-consuming, not to mention the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment and the long learning curve for mastering the software and production process. And, as a business owner or film/video producer or director, dealing with editing and audio post-production is probably not what you do best!

That’s why we’ve created a simple and affordable process for you to use video to promote and market your business. We literally put the magic of video to work to help you build your business – and we take all the stress off your shoulders.

Online Video Marketing and Audio Post-production

Marketing17The prices on this page should be considered as a starting point for the cost of your project.

Every production is different, and we will only be able to give you an accurate estimate of production costs when we know more about what you want and your marketing goals.

Please note that unless specifically produced for broadcast, the videos we create for you are only licensed for use on your website, on a trade show kiosk (video player), or in your place of business.

If you are using our location sound, audio post-production or video editing services for a project you have produced, our services are considered part of the production process. We work as an independent contractor and you retain all rights to your project, although we will ask for the right to use an excerpt or the project in its entirety for our own marketing and promotion.


Every business is different…

And there are many ways for a business to build its customer base, bring more customers through the doors, or drive potential customers to its website.

Our specialty is business communication through the use of short animated video commercials that are compelling, memorable and converting.

There are many other ways in which Cigma Media can help your business… from radio ads, to short video commercials, to promotional videos, to “how-to” videos, to full broadcast television commercials… and everything in between.

We keep it simple! Once we determine the details necessary to complete your project, we’ll give you one all-inclusive price – and we promise it will be a lot less than you might expect. Larger video production companies will charge you separately for voiceover, music, and many other aspects of the production, and you’ll often not know the full price until the dust settles.

With Cigma Media, you’ll know exactly what your sound services, animated commercial or other production will cost before we start*. Everything you need to know about our production rates is on this page. Give us a call at 858.484.0220 to tell us more about what you need.

We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

*Cigma Media’s all-inclusive pricing includes only those production components agreed upon at the time the project is started. Changes, upgrades and additional services added after the start of production will be in addition to the contracted price and will normally be contracted separately.

Pricing Options

Fully Produced Custom Video

Fully Produced Custom Videos start at a base flat-rate of $1497. This base price includes most of what you might need for a 2-minute video. Your price may be somewhat higher, depending on the length and complexity of your project, and any options that might be added.

In most cases, after we determine your project requirements, you will be given a flat-rate quote for your production that will include a bundle of many of the options available. Please CLICK HERE for an explanation and more detail about the various options that might be necessary for your production.

On average, for fully produced, custom videos of 3-minutes or longer, you can expect a total price in the area of $800 to $1,200 per minute.

addonsWeb Video Add-ons

Prices for Web Video Add-ons are below. Please CLICK HERE for an explanation and more detail about each option.

Music33Production Services

Prices for Web Video Add-ons are below. Please CLICK HERE for an explanation and more detail about each option. Please use the prices below as a guideline. Actual rates may vary depending on the production length and requirements.

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All rates on this page are subject to change without notice and do not reflect any discounts or adjustments that may be applied to a flat-rate project or annual plan production.